• Installation, termination/wiring, testing and commissioning of MOV Switch racks, MOV's and ESD's at Block Valve Stations.
  • Installation, termination, testing and commissioning for Fire & Gas equipment like FDI, GDF, GDT, Sounder, Beacons and MAC's, Heat Detectors, Smoke Detectors and Hydrogen Detectors.
  • BPCS, SIS and FGS Systems Cabinet erection cable glanding and termination
  • Telecom, PAGA and CCTV systems Cabinet, instrument installation, wiring, Loop checking and testing commissioning
  • Firefighting system & Fire Suppression system
  • Installation of process Instruments such as FT, TT, PT, LT and Junction boxes, fabrication and installation of cable tray and various kinds of FIRE & GAS and INSTRUMENT panels.
  • Cathode protection system installation, testing and commissioning of cathode protection CP system.
  • Calibration and loop checking of F&G and Process Instruments and preparation of loop folders.IR and Continuity of F&G and Instrument Cables. Supervising for the Splicing of Fiber Optic Cables.
  • Installation of instrument air tubing and Impulse testing of air lines.