BOSTON CONTRACTING Is providing quality services specialized in the fields of Industrial Support Services such as Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation & Communication. The Company is registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We at BOSTON CONTRACTING are equipped with technical and organizational efficiencies needed to help construction companies is not excluding other companies that could want support from BOSTON CONTRACTING to fulfil their ambitious electromechanical and infrastructure engineering requirements.

With our workforce including, project managers, assistant managers, project coordinators, senior engineers, supervisor & technicians, BOSTON CONTRACTING flow instils quality in every aspect of its work with a meticulous approach to project planning, BOSTON CONTRACTING ensures that all projects are completed on time with quality. Since its inception BOSTON CONTRACTING has operated along the principles of Modulating Management. As per the need of the hour, we have adapted and excelled for the benefit of our customers. The phenomenal growth of the company has experienced and the height it has scaled within such a short period is testament to the company’s dedication in providing the best service and achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction with every project completed.

We offer our clients integrated & multi-disciplined services according to the requirement of our clients. We always have persistently been searching and applying new innovations in the respective fields, in a cost effective and beneficial manner for our clients.

We have an organized management team with a clear delineation of individual responsibility and authority. The workforce comprises of telecom, civil, mechanical, and chemical & electrical engineers, technicians, riggers, crane & other heavy machine operators and drivers who have extensive experience in project planning and implementation in their fields. As a result, we competently are delivering the highest quality of services to our clients to meet their satisfactory level at the best. We also have an infrastructure and own a variety of normal and special types of equipment and tools in a reasonable quantity to meet the needs of projects and demand of our clients. We are looking forward to be your reliable partner in all your needs, demands and requirements for all above mentioned fields.