BOSTON CONTRACTING Is providing quality services specialized in the fields of Industrial Support Services such as Construction, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation & Communication. The Company is registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We at BOSTON CONTRACTING are equipped with technical and organizational efficiencies needed to help construction companies is not excluding other companies that could want support from BOSTON CONTRACTING to fulfil their ambitious electromechanical and infrastructure engineering requirements.

With our workforce including, project managers, assistant managers, project coordinators, senior engineers, supervisor & technicians, BOSTON CONTRACTING flow instils quality in every aspect of its work with a meticulous approach to project planning, BOSTON CONTRACTING ensures that all projects are completed on time with quality.

Since its inception BOSTON CONTRACTING has operated along the principles of Modulating Management. As per the need of the hour, we have adapted and excelled for the benefit of our customers. The phenomenal growth of the company has experienced and the height it has scaled within such a short period is testament to the company’s dedication in providing the best service..


years Experience We are always clients satisfaction who need there.

Our strategy covers built around plan, do, check and act (PDCA) and is reflected in our systems appreciating following key elements:

  • Provision of a framework for the setting of QHSE Goals and performance objectives.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and continually improving upon our QHSE performance through operational standards, training, assessments and audits
  • Making customers, contractors, and business partners familiar with our QHSE system and creating awareness on how their actions can influence QHSE performance.
  • Making QHSE a part of all product development projects.
  • Making ourselves, aware of the global industrial initiatives and collecting feedback from our stakeholders for taking improvement initiatives.

Our Services

BOSTON CONTRACTING that provides quality resources specialized in industrial and projects development, support, instrumentation, and maintenance services. Several of our services include but are not limited to construction, mechanical, electrical & Instrumentation.


Mechanical Works


Operational & Maintainance Services


Plant Maintainance

Safety Policy

Our goal is to take safety to ahead of Zero by preventing even one accident from occurring. We put the personal health and safety of our employees first wherever they are. For us, safety is more than a policy manual or a training video; it’s how we do business and it’s how we live. Our people are our greatest asset and the basis for our success. We believe that we owe it to our employees to help keep them and their families, communities, our clients and our contractors healthy and happy.

Our occupational, health and safety management system is a continuous cycle of planning, implementing and review of practices and procedures aimed at minimizing health and safety risks. Our employees have received many certificates of appreciation and awards of excellence for safe man hours and performance from our clien

Our Vision & Mission

To be the best and most respected industrial service provider in the industry striving to reflect the highest ethical and professional standards that can deliver a world-class customer experience to clients with our innovation concepts. To pursue excellence in all operations by improving quality standards and procedures and developing competitive people that can best render a worldclass service to clients.




We, in our short history, with our passionate, zealous, and committed team have achieved and emerged as a competitive support service provider and are striving to escalate the level beyond satisfaction and contentment of our clients.

We will always aim for the highest standards in all areas. We know that with our focus on people development, quality, safety and customer service, we’re ready to ensure a prosperous future for our employees and clients.

For us, sustainable development is simply a commitment to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives into both daily business decisions and planning for the future.

We are making continuous progress in the area of sustainable development and our advancements and partnerships with business, government and non-governmental agencies will one day establish commercial viability for these technologies.

The road of sustainable development is a long one. However, we at BOSTON ENGINEERING Support Service firmly believe that our commitment to innovation will permit us to accelerate quickly down this road. As we do so, this report and other Kaf Tech Support Service communications will continue to provide insights into the progress we are making.